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Len Greenberg, Song Writer
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Who is Len Greenberg?

I’m a guy who’s tried all his life to put smiles on people’s faces and
bring joy to their hearts.  My way of doing this has been largely, although not exclusively, through math and music.  I try to bring mathematical joy to my students at Northern Virginia Community College and musical joy to as many others as I can.

I’ve written all kinds of
songs:  sentimental ballads, children’s songs, songs filled with humor, political songs, and perhaps most importantly, odes to humanity. You can listen here.

If you wish to perform any of my songs, let me know and I’ll provide you with the music.  If you would like ME to perform them, I’m available as
well.  If you wish to publish or record them, I’ll be happy to discuss contractual arrangements with you, as all the songs are copyrighted
and rights reserved.

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